Big Data

Big Data

Cheers to the lost words and sadness’s loss and to losing loves.
Cheers to amnesia and memories uncorked and swirling here.

Speaking with the data manager, his logic’d
            Query: “Can you send me a screenshot
Of what you don’t see that you claim now
            Was there yesterday? Or data dump?”

Was it ever really there or was it imagined: self-made?
Was it a dreamy concoction: a sugar-rimmed cocktail?

First I looked at the database, SQL’d for
            Timestamps against blanks, then nulls.
Without returns, without results, neither
            Zeroes nor ones nor bread crumbs even.

Of course it was there. I saw it, used it, for Crissakes.
I tasted it, imbibed. I swallowed every solid drop of it.

So I went to the server manager, asking anew,
            “May we restore from the backup, back to
The last time the data was present and usable?”
            “We can, but that wipes out everything since.”

What about others’ memories, their solid interactions?
Their sobrieties and drunkenness, intervening cravings?

“Go back to the source, rebuild it, re-enter it.”
            “But those transactions are partial-purged.”
“Go back to the master data. To the constants.”
            “But do we have tolerances for inexactness?”         

But I want it here now, like yesterday, without the pain.
But I want it here tomorrow, without the tedious work.

So, I found it, hard copies, ink on paper, tales
            Retold in the warehouse, on picking slips,
On work orders, invoices and cleared checks.
            I found it, alongside misprints and short-pays.

It was here, and never left, an unfolding story still told.
It is here in heart and soul: indelible and poetic: lovely.

“What did it cost? To hunt down that lost data?”
            The CFO asked, “Was the data even material?”
“Relevant, yes. The auditors can decide that.”
            “I had a reason for losing it, so you know.”

Drink up this moment, us together: sullen, inebriated, heavy.

Cheers to the found and finding, to the mysteries made clear.


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