Bastille Day, 2017

Bastille Day, 2017

Seven years in, give or take,
As the prison of indecision
Crumbled behind the  rush of
Circumstance, we quietly
Made history, taking love by storm.

Revolution, again.

Unceremoniously, special in
The urge toward ceremony,
We donned comfy clothes:
Boutonnières for gym shorts,
Veils and corsages for sneakers.

Let them have crust-crumbs.

Proof of commitment codified:
Built on the affection of daily
Realities, un-shackled, upon the
World’s postured guillotine,
Without bakers’ unbaked cakes.

Now-freed, simply us.

All our favorite things in one day:
Steaks and gin martinis,
Our best friend as present witness,
Publix, of course, to get
Necessities for us and the child-cats:
Chips and frozen pizzas,
Cleaning supplies and toothpaste:
Liberty and brotherhood and
Public displays of affection.

Construed collusion.

Digital, copious congratulations:
Overwhelming co-conspiracy,
Declaration of Rights of Man,
Rights of men-made evolution,
Toward righteousness, unleashed

Constitutioned: trued.

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