Sunday, January 15, 2017

Moving Day

Moving Day

Stocking the moat with non-native snakes,
And the lawn with landmines,
Measuring hemmed drapes,
Steam-cleaning crested rugs, 
And fresh-painting crackled walls.

Fortifiving president’s palace:
Gilding mildewed whitewash,
Re-sealing marble,
Capitalizing steps,
And fertilizing roses.

Hapless, restless, unprecedented,
Feckless, gutting to gut:
Cabinets laid  bare,
Silver spoons’ shines restored:
And setting out fresh linens.

Advisors to yes-men,
Manhandlers to tweet-creepers,
Sashed pageanters,
Weaving new clothes
On fabled, foreign-owned looms. 

Ideals to designs,
Direction to productions,
Draining to displacing:
Coriolis flushing
Against natural clocks’ wise. 

Surveyed, laid out, by namesake father,
Claimed from Potomac swamps
Abuzz with lobbyists, 
Corrupted and usurped,
Re-paving Pennsylvania.

Blueprinted realities:

Rivals unsuited,
Parties denuded,
Tenure disputed,
Internally feuded,
(Polls and surveys refuted).

With no due respect to the structure,
Load-bearing walls turned down,
Stripped to the truest studs,
Window kings hack-paned: jacked,
Hightowers turned to turrets.

Oval office squared round the edges,
Bully pulpit mounded, 
Same slab, same foundation:
Deconstructed nation,
Interest, on frame, compounded.