Sunday, August 31, 2014

Banished: Reinventing Gotham

Banished: Reinventing Gotham

Rarely, on Sundays in New York—
            The city—
Can you see from Hell’s Kitchen
            To Chelsea
With such clarity of eye—
            Of vision.

Ceaselessly reconstructing, revising.

You rose hazelessly from good sleep,
            Dream slumber,
Unhindered by substance, sin,           
            Or by guilt,
Every step, each sight, each thought

Stretching up and down and out, reaching in.

You greeted  the sun as a comrade—
            Not stranger—
Whose staunch appearance intrudes
            Into night:
With otherwise clear-day dawns,

Night-settings millioned to greet each new day.

Thick, overcast mornings like this—
            Air soupy—
With the sticky remnants of
            Last night’s daze
Hanging over muddled minds,
            Yours soars free.

Ideas swirl meteorologically.

Yes, you rejected all demons
            Last night brought.
Alphabet soup and molly
            You banished
To memories tucked away:

Blameless land, walked by free-willed human souls.

You embrace this new Manhattan,
Morningside to Liberty
            Holding you
Sweetly in her island grip:
            The new you.

Insular: Harlem, Hudson, East: new-us’d.