Friday, November 27, 2009

Hamilton's Burr

Hamilton’s Burr

Return, oh great one
From your Walden paradise.

To face your demons in person,
To travail against thy vice.

Abandon your seclusion
To carry on the fight.

The bell is rung, the lot is drawn,
The duel must start tonight.



Let’s not delude ourselves,
Or each other.
This is as much about
Love and respect
As this light beer is about
Taste and texture.
But wait:
I love this beer!

O, be some other name!

O, be some other name!

If roses had names-
And I guess some do—
This one would
Definitely be Chuck.
Every day, in some
Splendidly charming way,
Chuck blooms for me.

Smiling a gracious smile
Enlightening the path of
Gorgeous discourse with
Mettle and calculating ease.

Joyous, enlightened Chuck:
Reborn each day for me.
A new rose.
A new name.
A new beauty to

Sunday, November 15, 2009



Chocolate muddy pools
Of universe ending and
Expanding-inward rolls.
And waves and symphonies
Heard long ago
Much farther from here
Than can be intimated.

He began in those
Eyes and grew from
There into vexing
Superfluidity and
Silent understated
Passionate visions that
Overwhelm even the
stars that yearn to
sparkle so.

Those dancing, darting,
Mysterious eyes control
With ticks and winks
And beguiling timidity
The black, hardened soul
And puckish sprite alike.

Pupils unite and fuse
alpha and omega
into a circular looping,
spiral-downward, inward,
upward even.
Fuse the unfused and
Confused and infused…
Relentless ends together:

In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Bring me a grapefruit,
A rubber ball,
And a jar of tasty
Elmer’s paste.
I have the tools to
Make your dreams come

Give thanks for fate.
Give thanks for your future.
Give thanks for this
Moment, and
That this never ends

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Spilt-um- milk

Lifelong day concluding,
The re-rising sun marks its death.
Two hundred forty years in the
Blink of some cosmic eye.
When hearts fuse and minds fuse
And bodies fuse-
Infuse, confuse:

Lifelong day concluding,
Reality interrupted by the
Sun’s intensity,
Melting, molten plasma,
Nucleic bonding.

Sixty four chromosomes and
Sixty four chromosomes spilled
And one hundred twenty eight
Chromosomes lie together baking-
From the creamy puddle-in the
Intensity of the sun and dry
Close, but no life:
No death either.

Going Going Gone

Going Going Gone

Going through it
All alone-I wish-
Encircled by friends- I wish.

Going through it
With pills and swills
And conscience numbing bumps.

Going though it
In the absence of the void:
Stone cold unstupored.

Going through it
Without scapegoat Autumn
Or Spring or Winter or Summer.

Going through it
Cherry-robbed then given then sold
To nameless, soulless bodies that I love.

Going through it
Saving one piece for myself
One last juicy bite-
For me.