Friday, March 27, 2015

Asshole Haters

Asshole Haters

There are assholes, 
One for each of us:
Undoubtedly, a portal,
Into and out of
Everyman’s body—for some—
Attached to the gay
Heart: lovely rosebuds, hot and puckered.

There are assholes,
Freed, all around us:
Purportedly, more pious,
From the decent civil sense, 
Detached from the good
Heart: that others can love assholes too.

There are assholes,
Haters, closed-minded:
Protecting power—their own—
Using hallowed past
As precedent to deny
Simple rights from wrongs:
Hearts: all pumping sacred human blood.

And then we codify hate.
And then we codify love.
And then we codify asshole hate.
And then we codify asshole love.
And then we codify assholes.
And then we codify assholes.
And then we re-codify: a-mend: a-men: amen..

There are assholes,
And those who love them:
Pounding bravely against hate.
Blazing happy trails.
With a Christ-like love of love,
Piercing stark darkness:
Hearts: differently baptized, same beating.

There are assholes,
Society’s legs
Long wrapped upon them, lashing
With sharp—vicious—tongues
At corrupt institutions;
Wholly disemboweled 
Hearts: beaten and yearning and reckless.

There are assholes,
And asshole haters
And asshole lovers who still
Love asshole haters
Despite their hate of assholes.
And asshole lovers:
Hearts: open and free to love assholes.

And there are dicks.

Friday, March 13, 2015



…less, cool-looped, 
Without beginning:
Less humble,
Exquisitely filled:
Without end….