Saturday, December 20, 2014



But, it’s Santa’s birthday!
He lives all year to give.
This day, Santa’s father gave
His only begotten.
To the elves,
To our selves.

Bless us, Santa, from hearths!
Save us from our sins,
Forgive us as we forgive 
Others’ failings.
        Counting coal.
        Counting cookies.

String the lights and
Trim the tree and
Watch the sky and
Rein the deer and 
Bless the world and
Open your heart.

Salvation, Santa, is born!
In a Bethlehem manger,
To a Virgin and her spouse,
To the world.
Christ is born.
Christ is born.

But, Santa isn’t really born:
Conceived perhaps,
As  Salvation’s placeholder,
Childrens’ fictions.
Rejoice! We’re saved.
Rejoice! Our gifts:
Christ is born.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Torture, Torcher, Torch ‘er

Torture, Torcher, Torch ‘er

Infidel, combatant, witch:
            Enemy of the state.
Criminal, unhinged, instigator:
            Enemy of society.
Hungry, homeless, diseased:
Enemy of conscience.
Enemies of enemies:
            Frenemies, Friends.
            Enemies of gods:
            Enemies of God.

This do, in His name.

Name your poison: own it.
            Dispense or dilute it.
Bomb, behead, bemoan it.
            Dislodge or dispute it.
From arboretum,  stone it.
            Defend then refute it.
From faceless vessel, drone it
            Police and prevent:
            Prevent policing:
            Prevent and police.

This, doing in mob’s name.

State, society, conscience:
Village, home, family:
Orbit, touch, tangency:
Legal equivocation.
Institutions and humanity:
            God-named enemy;
            Blazing city-block;
                        Torch ‘er.

This done, in your name.