Friday, September 29, 2017



Far off, drums hum to a cadence,
A droning warning of danger:
A call to synchronicity:
Beats to temper the erratic 
Reactions to fear.
Tribes unite in purpose:
Beats bringing hearts to a
Common pulse. 

Far off, boots pound to a rhythm,
Straightaway into danger,
A call to heroic sacrifice:
Feet to fellows fallen:
Marches to monuments
Risen in bravery:
Beats to mere taps of a
Common pulse. 

Far off, bombs burst, rockets glare,
Remembrances of danger,
Delivering destruction,
Pocking scorched bunkers,
Mortars and bullets’ beats
Upon grounds and chests
Fallen, dust to dusted:
Common Pulse. 

Nearer, hearts' beats:
Signaling fetal life, murmuring—
   Fully dependent. 
Signaling maternity, embracing—
   Suckled consonance.
Signaling filial pride, protecting—
   Doting, pushing.
Signaling fraternity, team-building—
And first loves,
And disappointments,
And adventures,
And poetry and song,
And Peace and War:

Nearer still, our hearts beat on:
Thubbadubba, our own.
Thrumming, swelling, ours together:
Fighting, excelling, villaging.
Thubbadubba, strong beats our own,
Roaring: stronger beats together.
Melodic strum, lyric thunder:
Common pulse. 

Friday, September 1, 2017



When we pray, we call upon an almighty God,
Call on Him: Yahweh and Jesus,
With reverence and awe,
From our brave hearts.

When we pray, we call upon empowered prophets,
Call to them: Rasul Allah and Buddha,
With knowledge and hope,
From our centers.

Popes and Patriarchs,
Mothers and Marias.
  Goddesses and gods:

When we pray, we call upon tenant powers,
Call on her: Nature and Earth,
With respect and bounty,
From our bodies.

In church or square,
In home or
  In isolation:
Alphas to Omegas.

When we pray, we call upon ideas,
Call to them: Science and Alien,
With wonder and logic,
From our deep thoughts.

When we pray, we call upon our selves,
  In the humility of our smallness,
  In the faith of the vastest unknown,
  In the sublimity of our surroundings,
  In concert with our neighbors,
     To their gods,
     To their prophets,
     To their powers,
     To their ideas,
And their neighbors.

When we pray, we call upon prayers,
Call upon: eaches’ and others’,
With bended knees, prostrate,
From our every’s things.

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