Friday, August 12, 2016

Recovery, In Process

Recovery, In Process

Pushing and shoving,
Kicking and screaming,
Roiling over the saline drip
With little regard for veins,
For salted vanity.

Bullied and busted,
Controlled and coddled,
Tight in its lumbar spasms,
Favoring slipped discs,
Compressed and digital.

Pain and frustration
Give way in the present
To osteopathic solutions,
Hope-spun remedies:
Fresh herbs and flaxseed. 

Closets to crossroads,
Fresh with dewdrops
Or are they teardrops?
Or blood spatters?
Door-smashed knuckles, 
Callous, ungloved hands,
Scraped elbows,
Bruised knees,
Black eyes,
Hurt heart:
Skipped beats:
Dub’ya.   Thub.

Rising and fighting,
Resurrected like love,
Bodies to spirits emboldened,
Blisters bursting forth
With tough, new life.