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Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing

People have called me the Chandler Bing of their FaceBook circle:I go to work somewhere doing something and come home from exotic world locations to my Pally and #FTKs (Friends, if I must jam the reference down your throat) to pass time sharing witty one-liners while changing hairstyles and waist sizes.
To many of you, I’m that kid from high school that you might have talked to a couple times. To others, the same for college, at parties or during the nineties at nightclubs or the aughts at political fundraisers or the teens at book signings or poetry readings and others who are just friends of friends or friends of family or family of family. But even Chandler Bing had his group who knew the most about him, who he really was. Here’s your chance to get to know me better.
I’ve been intentionally vague about my vocation and have preferred to let y’all define me by my more interesting avocations: political essays, cultural criticism, love poetry, short stories, book writing, p…

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