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Lent and the Twin Abstentions

Lent and the Twin Abstentions
Read this piece as originally published at Watermark Online
My fellow God-fearers know that we are two days into the Lenten season, bookended by Mardi Gras and the Resurrection. Like Jesus fasted in the wilderness before launching his ministry,we are wont to give up something that sates us. Although my usual self-denial is metaphorized by forty days without swearing or chocolate, I’m giving up on something much more gosh darn important and savory: much more central to who I am. Abstention One: I’m giving up on defending Republicans. Abstention Two: I’m taking a break from actively bashing Trump.
This isn’t to say that I’m abandoning my—Party of Lincoln, Reagan, Kemp, and Bush— “compassionate conservatism” (which I’ve branded as “Radical Centrism”) but I can no longer defend the Party that has abandoned me: a Party that excuses Donald Trump’s quasi-fact-infused ineptitude: a Party that has all-but ignored runaway deficits: a Party that allowed the American pe…

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