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The Scaffold of American Pillars: Economy, Politics, Ideology

The Scaffold of American Pillars: Economy, Politics, Ideology

Considerable effort is being spent lately in conversation about “this or that” country being Socialist or Communist and how that should drive American policy toward it. Equally compelling, the result of such a discussion can inform arguments about whether America is, in fact, Socialist. If America is “already Socialist,” arguments often follow, then those who declare otherwise (that America is “Capitalist”) fail in their intellectual consistency when arguing against adopting additional “Socialist” programs. Clearly, such labels take on partisan rhetorical power as justifications for domestic and international policy. Definitions matter and, just like all language, have evolved within the context of a post-Cold War world.
Consider this analysis with three “pillars” as a scaffold: 1. Economic—On a macro scale, how are the scarce resources within an economy owned, managed, and distributed. 2. Political—On a state (national) leve…

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