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I remember I could never forget 8:46, The first strike— The collective gasp from across the room Raising the volume from mute to muffled. I remember I could never forget 9:03, North Tower— The awestruck mouths agape, soundless, Drowned out by chattering images. I remember I could never forget 9:37, Pentagon— A noiseless banner across tv screens Tears flowing from every single eye.
9:59, 10:07, 10:28 South Tower, Flight 93, North Tower. Jumpers chasing rubble down, Heroes fighting bravely mid-air, Responders running into Armageddon
I remember I could never forget 911, America— That day, when we were all New Yorkers, All Americans, united martyrs defiant.
I remember Tomorrow too, I could never forget 910 America— Yesterday too, I could never forget 912.
I don’t remember I forget the increments since then, when we Patriots— In the moments since that morning, Hardened our best natures, squared round:
When we proved them right in our Nearly imperceptible-in-the-moments Transformation—ex uno plures:    When resol…

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