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Cold Water Conservatives

(Photo, Mike Schuhmann)

I have not said the words loudly enough so y'all could hear them, although I have felt them: BLACK LIVES MATTER. I say this, not in the, "All lives matter, so of course black lives matter," and not in the, "Blue lives matter too," way. Of course, all lives matter. Of course, Blue lives matter.
I mean it the way it's meant to be meant: this systemic wrong needs specific attention and I’m naming it. It’s not an exclusive assertion, it’s accretive: All these lives matter (implied, exclamation point) and so do Black Lives (explicitly, exclamation point): BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As part of our national, and local, dialogue, we need to give special attention to BLACK LIVES as we take stock of what it means--and has meant--to be black in America: to have endured for 500 years on this continent as the underappreciated, under-respected, under-valued backbone of our culture, of our economy, of our dreams. BLACK LIVES, for all …

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