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Annus Interruptus

  Annus Interruptus Read this essay as published at Watermark   It was at around this time last year, January 9, 2020, when  the World Health Organization announced a mysterious Coronavirus-related pneumonia in Wuhan, China. For the intervening year this “mysterious” virus spread around the globe along ancient trade and travel routes. 2020, as those of us who survived it can attest, was rife with interruptions to our lives and livelihoods. Our efforts to slow the spread of the disease long enough to develop treatments and vaccines have also interrupted basic human interactions like smiles and scowls, kisses and fist bumps, dancing, and messing around.   With tens of millions of cases and millions of Covid deaths, 2020 was the year of interruption, even at warp speed. We could look back at 2020 for its tragedies and frustrations: the audacity of crooked elites, foreign hacking of our national information infrastructure, re-exposure of deep-rooted racial injustice, a toxic politi

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