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Closing the door  On a lightless storefront: Commerce-cheating: Out fishin’: Will work for pay,  Will fish for pay, Pay today, pay delayed, unpaid: PayGo bad-baited. 
Locking the door To a soulless chamber: Broke, brow-beating: Not fixin’: Manufactured, Crisis, mis-made, Disguised guile, wiles displayed; dismayed, Blacklist-way-waited. 
Guarding the door On a sieve-like border: Swamp floor-feeding: Big-stickin’: Hostage taking, Ghetto building: Fallen Walden, walls in, out-splayed, Portals hacked, gated. 
Changing the door, Flipping gilt-hinged in-swings, Words-switched-meeting: Time-tickin’: Fill porous holes, Push feckless goals Broken beacon, un-woken ways, Devils’ fruits mated. 
Passing the door, Broadside and end-around: Ground-swole-seeding: Dream-wishin’: Pax on nations, Healed ablations, Shutdown down-shocked, shocked-shuts allayed, Resuscitated.
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