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110710 And Since You

110710–And Since, You

Before, I had no plans that could hold a minute;
Then, I was pretty sure what my future should hold;
Since, I plan each next moment with you and for you. 

Before, I had emptiness: nothing’s-me in it;
Then, I was pretty sure  you could make me whole;
Since, you are my patient, perfect, all-filling you. 

Since, my lungs respire for you,
Since, my heart beats for you,
Since, my mind wanders for you,
Since, my step peps for you,
Since, my fingers yearn for you,
Since, my arms reach for you, 
Since, my toes curl for you,
Since, my thighs tingle for you,
Since, my sinces since for you.

Before, I had no idea how much I’d need you;
Then, I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted;
Since, I know I love and I know that I love you. 

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