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Proto-Echo: PoetEconomist 2018

Proto-Echo:  PoetEconomist

Five years have blinked by since I composed the first re-launch of the PoetEconomist digital space. 
Five thousand digital inquiries five years ago have become nearly fifty thousand–a gaping entry point into a new form of discourse in which the medium is, itself, massage—today: a poetry blog, y’all: poetry.
The echoes in my own mind have escaped into this wider space: a free space, a space of liberty:
Of Momentitiousness and Black Kettle, and Flag; Of—with a big P— Poetry disguised as essaying; Of Poetry disguised as politics, as protest, collaboration; Of Poetry disguised as economics.
Life has changed: I’ve evolved: love has reclaimed me. Poet has tamed Economist. Holding all things constant is as untenable as concretizing—through time, through space, through medium, through the obliterations of love’s life—the meaning of a single word.
Echoes—the enduring blasphemies of brash youth—of my own making mark the genesis of this space. There remains beauty in the past w…

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