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It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

It’s complicated, you see,  You and me. 
Not like when we were young,             When we were both starry eyed—             Star-crossed, at least,                         Rounding out the others’ rough edges.  Not like then,             When I could overlook your selfishness,             When you could overlook mine,                         The way you’d stare at strangers,                         Not yet adept at the art of diplomacy,                         Of sparing the feelings of those who                                     May have looked different,                                     Talked different, walked different.                          The way you bullied without trying,                                     Lashing out first, self preserved,                                     Tantrum-ing because it worked.  Not like then,             When I could see your idealistic exuberance,             When yours infected me,                         We trusted each others’ freedom,  …

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