Friday, June 26, 2015

Nine, Five, Four 2015

Nine, Five, Four 2015

Nine wise, black-robed, sequestered scions
With one voice: Law.

Speaking with brave equivocation
For this now's people
with forebears' words:

Compromising, a tenuous whole,
Split along old faults,
Bridging others.

Jurisprudentially bound by rule:
Accounting to God,
Accounting Man.

Channeling precedent, common claims
On humanity
With consequence.

Bravely banishing uncertainty
With uncertainty,
With spliced nuance.

Six men, three women, four liberals,
Six Roman Catholics,
A Latino,

Georgian, African-American,
Two Californians,
Four New Yorkers,

Italian-Americans, three Jews
Four conservatives,
More summed than whole.

Holding a polished, law-honed mirror,
Reflecting itself,
One court, one Land,

One live, heart-beating Constitution,
One deciding vote,
Straddling dissent.

Balancing justice and humans' rights,
Truth and tradition:
Science and faith.

Solved: “No union is more profound than 
Marriage,” ancient-sourced:
“Two people be-
Come something greater than they once were.”

“Overstepped...judicial putsch”
And yet "Federalism,"
Firm-rooted, bides.

Conjuring Blackstone and Solomon
Burke, Locke, Marshalls both,
Unruly mob:

Admitting, tacitly the failures,
Imperfections in
Decisions past.

Nine patriots, Americans all,
Five: equality
Four: yesterday. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thirteen Stars

Thirteen Stars

These stars, these stripes,
This red, this blue,
Tainted white.

Unfurled, fraying, tattered,
The Union.

Born in rebellion, revolt,
Charging headlong,

Endowed, created, formed,
Torn asunder,

Bullet-riddled, burned
Pride-forged false flag,
Fabrics torn.

One’s victory,
One’s defeat,
Both rising on the 
Backs of the other:
Of others.

Thirteen stars constructed 
By others:
Thirteen stripes by many ones,
Lost and living.

Remembering differently.

High-flying totem to
A losing fight
Lost to white.

North, South, America,
Still stealth fights,
Black to night.

On lyncher’s rope risen,
Bloody, whip-striped,
Dodging stars.

Right-seeking in flags’ shadows,
Winds’ fickle whims,
In crosshairs.

A new hoisting, a retirement,
To history’s halls:
Stars and stripes.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rhymes With Magic

Rhymes with Magic

Pews, baptismals, pulpits, hymnals,
Bathed in tears, in blood:
Washed in the blood of the Lamb,
Raised, beheaded martyrdom.
Johnly, submergedly.

Where love and hate converge,
One built to exclude the other,
And inviting in the other still,
Making brothers from Sadducees.

Lyncher’s ropes re-mediated,
Knocking on doors, received
With trust and hope and for 
Transformation, Salvation:
Caused politically. 

Angels made eternal for humanity, 
For causes beyond instinct,
Against the basest failings of progress
In the hearts of slain students:
Weeping, breathlessly.

Tell us about guns.
Tell us about mass destruction.
Tell us about insanity.
Tell us about vast instruction.
Tell us about the failings of
Neighbors and rigors.

Fighting, yet, against institutions: 
Against precedent and past,
Dred, Plessy, Brown, Loving, deciding still:
America’s conscience tested.
Betrayed, Jim-Crowedly.

Politics, faith, elected, chosen, burned,
Clinging to the ever-broke promise:
Equality in the eyes of the law, of force,
Equality in the hearts of neighbors.
Failed, disappointedly.

On the cross of purpose,
On the Cross of Christ,
On the convergence:
Tragedy and magic:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Imagine. Know.

Imagine. Know

Knowing the wind eddying round your knees and shins,
Swirling into your nostrils and lungs, filling your soul:
The breath of almighty God, respired
With love and purpose and meaning.
The random, varied pressures in space-time
Across the universe by cosmic chance.

Knowing the prismic bow after dusk’s thunderstorm,
Arching high, in a broken grey and spotted blue bowl:
The promise of a sorrowful God, placed
With sanguine tears, rebirth symboled.
Light refracted—gorgeous—in the misted,
Scantness of the pre-ultraviolet.

Knowing humanity’s continued perfection,
The onward march to equality, democracy:
The gift from martyred God, flesh free-given,
Forgiving sin without pretense.
The chance consequence of gene mutation, 
No promise, save fitness and survival.  

Knowing the meiotic, growing womb-bound vessel, 
The perfect potential life-promise, replicated:
The gift of life, the heir to a Christ, blessed
With precious, sweet perfection.
Mass made from feminine fertility,
Confluence of cells in a host’s body.

Knowing this society, this hopeful frontier,
This realized knowledge, this truth in precedent, wisdom:
Extended Talmudic tradition,  God’s 
Whisper from Mounts, holy scripture.
Logic, method, science, experiment,
Progress from village to metropolis.

Knowing one way to salvation.
Knowing god, knowing nature:  Heaven.
Knowing that your knowledge saves eternities. 

Imagine not knowing.

Knowing many ways to enlightenment.
Knowing Nature, knowing God: heaven.
Knowing deeds secure earth-progeny’s promise.  

Now. No!
Imagine. Know.