Memorial Wall Carry

Muster, Memorial Carry--US Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

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This dawn, with a timeless sun CARRIED from the horizon to rise over us,

This dawn, with sand that began as far off mountains millions of years ago, CARRIED here along waves that have pounded these shores since long before humans arrived.

This dawn, we are challenged to CARRY gravity, to CARRY seriousness, to CARRY reflection and pride. We CARRY a raft to remember that, just like nature CARRIES the burdens of beauty and sustenance, heroes CARRY burdens of beauty and sustenance.

This dawn, we know that the beauty that our heroes CARRIED can be measured in life and celebrated in bravery and sacrifice:

As the creed tells us: “Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life.”
So, this dawn, as we commemorate what our heroes have CARRIED, and as we do so in the beauty of this place that God and nature have given us, and as we reflect on the bounties that are CARRIED in the American people and our way of life, let us also reflect on that which is our responsibility and ask ourselves:

What do I CARRY? What gifts and beauty do I bring to neighbors and to distant shores?

Where do I CARRY? Where do I lead by example with the gifts I have to offer?

How do I CARRY? Do I do it for glory or do I do it for a greater good, sometimes knowing that only and I and God know what I’ve done to help others?

Who do I CARRY? Family? Friends? Fellow citizens? People who will never know me?

When do I CARRY? Just when it’s convenient or, more importantly, when it’s most difficult?

Why do I CARRY? Am I a hero in what I do? If I have not given my life, as some heroes have, would I be willing to? Do I honor these heroes’ sacrifices?

This dawn, we CARRY much more than rafts on a beach: we CARRY responsibilities. We CARRY the sacrifices of heroes on our backs. We CARRY the pride of the American way of life they fought for. We CARRY this all in our proud, heavy hearts:

This dawn, every dawn that has passed, and every dawn yet to come.


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