Here and There

Here and There


There are but two places in this universe

            In which I can be found,

Whether in the darkest of catacombs

            Beneath ancient churches,

Whether flying high above vast crevasses

            Ripped through red-rust deserts,


Slinging scripts in LA,

Glad-handing in DC,

Slow-strolling in Paris,

Trading stocks on Wall Street,

Rollicking in SOHO,

Slot-rocking in Vegas,

Partying in Brooklyn,

Essaying in Boston,

Uptowning in Charlotte.


Whether hiking along moss-adorned paths

            In brackish cypress bayous, 

Whether wandering through art galleries

            Breathing the visions of luminaries,

Whether circling the pole-split solar track

            Away from the astral-center,


There are but two places in this universe:

            With you and not-with you. 

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