The Sweetest Boys

The Sweetest Boys

From the first time I met you,
I knew that you were special,
In your love for the sweet boy I was
Falling in love with, in your love
For the one for whom I’ve
Completely fallen.

And I fell for you too,
Sweet boy:
For the easy purrs that filled
Whatever room you inhabited:
For the way your body filled
Our hands as if custom fitted:

Plumpest lizard conqueror,
Filet mignon demander,
Front window observer,
Refrigerator watcher,

For the way you sleepily filled
Our slumbering spoon-spaces:
For the way your squeaky meows
Filled us up with giggle-faces:

Milk slurper,
Between-calf slitherer,
Delta blanket humper,
Fancy rug destroyer,

For the way your big belly filled
All space between spine and ground:
For the way you claimed my chair
And our hearts with love in a round.

Hole digger,
Luna-girl defender,
Pally protector,
Our-hearts’ owner,

Fearlessly loved lover
Of the one I love.

From the first time we saw you
          Until the very last,
We’ve known you are special,
You amplify our us,
          Sweet boy:
          Always-still filling
          Our space,

Filling our hearts:
         My sweetest boy’s
         Sweetest Boy:
                 Sweetest boys together.

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