You’re better than weed, 
You make every bite better, 
Every stupid, whimsical thought
Profound and scrumptious
In its quiet rumination and in
Its babbling cross-currency.
   You make me hungry for 
Your nearness. 

You’re better than bourbon,
You make every sip better, 
Every slow-drawled utterance
Complex and caramelly
In its slurred sophistication and in 
Its warm Kentucky-embrace.
   You make me thirsty for
Your nearness.

You’re better than cocaine,
You make every breath better,
Every numb-tongued, naughty sniff
Energized and sharp-edged
In its quick-paced tangencies and in
Its consciousness streams.
   You make me tingle for
Your nearness.

You’re better than heroin,
You make me dreamier,
You’re better than sildenafil,
You make blood throb 
More in flexed extremities,
You’re better than Xanax,
You make me chiller,
You’re better than chocolate.
You’re better than sweet tea.
You’re better than caffeine
And meth
And money. 

You’re better than me,
You make my life—this world—better,
Every single moment, every atom
In the universe made whole
In its overflowing complexity and in 
Its simple perfection.
You make me crave
With every nerve,
With every heart-flex,
With every chromosome 
In my—changed-by-you—DNA,
With every bit of who I am:
Your nearnesss. 


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