Not considering the arrhythmic, beat-missed
Behavior of Amazon equities today, 
Which would multiply this afternoon’s
Pocket-cash-loss multi-fold, short-termed
Too, based, not on fact but on headwinded
Outlooks: guidance: deferred losses are well-spent.

One thousand eighty seven dollars well spent
To confirm that I’ll see you again, spent
To confirm that I’ll kiss you again, spent 
To confirm that my heart will beat to spend
Another day against yours, another someday:
A rest-of-my life with you by me, by you.

Two hundred twenty four dollars for a last-
Minute hotel, two hundred sixteen
Dollars for a new flight because I missed
Mine, twenty eight dollars of surge-priced
Uber fees to the airport, one hundred
Nineteen dollars of indulgent steak dinner,

And five hundred dollars of copay upon
Discharge from the emergency room
After the kind—and somewhat annoyed—
Doctor and staff pronounced my heart
Healthy—x-rayed, EKG’d and blood-tested—
My chest-pains the result of a pulled muscle.

Awoken by a sharp, level-six tightness 
Deep in the left—that’s right to 
You—pectoralis at one-thirty, I laid 
In bed for five hours, wondering if I’d 
Ever see you again: counting every breath
As if it were my last: advance-missing you.

One thousand eighty seven street-beat dollars, 
Well spent: worth the investment, 
With the long-term in sight, worth the
Guidance—arrhythmic as it was—to 
Remind me that I live for you, that my
Heart will always beat—fibrillated—for you. 


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