The State A Forensic Outline

The State: A Forensic Outline

Who we love,
Who we need,
Who we abhor and why:
Who we fear and how.
Who we protect,
     Or should.

Always lead with love
     And a giggle,
     Plan to smile,
     Intoxify with charm.
Carry on with love
     And optimism:
     Name heroes,
     Invoke nostalgia.

Enumerate allies
      And thank partners,
      Extend hands:
      Prayers and fist bumps.
Traverse aisles
      Across the Mall,
      Across the seas,
      Over the tracks.

Call out enemies
      Scrap secret lists,
      Give ideas life,
      Uproot deep naysays.
Break false allegiance,
      And palace intrigue.
      Make foes friends,
      Re-sew the deep soil.
Isolate anger,
     Exchange for hope.
     Isolate hatred,
     Expand equity.
Eschew pettiness,
     Know words matter
     As do results:
     Wisdom over smarts.

Embrace our others,
     Really hug them
     Validate us
     Do it, don’t say it.
Approach discomfort,
     Fear fear itself,
     Bridge us toward
     Treasures with empathy.

Protect huddled masses,
     Our own and others’,
     Polish gold streets,
     Gild inbound channels.
Proclaim a new state,
     Strong and copious,
     Big hands and hearts,


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