Most Fortily


Most Fortily


Ticking through another year,

               Softly pausing here

To recollect, to pause again,

               Nestling bravely near

What’s next.


My life as text, thusly written,

               Lucky, love-bitten,

Reading back from my first fifty,

               Nipped: kitten smitten:

                              Sex vexed.


Bouts-abouting sweet-nostalgia,


Re-what-abouting history:

               Selecting amnesia:




More fortily.

Most fortily.       


Pausing: Letting go of ghosts: parents, siblings

               Traded for spirits:

Butterflies and cardinals and dragonflies:

               No longer haunted; visited instead.


Pausing: Letting go of self-hurt: wrongs and slights

               Traded for re-do’s:

Penance, forgivenesses and charities.

               No longer hunted: sought again instead.


Pausing: Letting go of forties: Not. Quite. Yet.

               Yet-traded, tax free:

Deferring and Accruing and Investing.

               No longer burdened: annuitized.


Recording over cassettes taped.

Reburning CDs:

Replacing analog with digital,

An all persistent memory that

               Never dies,

               Often cries,

               Will undoubtedly outsize

                              The stuck-in-earning perfect prize.


Pausing here, lingering,

               Mashed up: tinkering

Reconstructing stories:


                              Pressing play

                              Pressing record—the red button—




Most fortily

Near, hyphened, fiftily


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