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Speculations on Persistence--Justice-Interrupted

  Speculations on Persistence—Justice-interrupted I was blessed with two mothers: two strong-in-their-way, persistent forces that made the act of mothering into an abstract—if not impressionistically modern—art form. One gave birth to me and one chose-and-adopted me as her own. The unorthodox—hey, it was the eighties--way my childhood worked out was such that I still had a relationship with my birth mother and my siblings through her as well as a relationship with—of course—the mother who adopted me. For the former, I was one of many. For the latter, I was always, “The son she never ‘had’.” There has always been an unspoken family code behind that statement. Though I would never presume to know because she has passed on to her own post-mortality in the case of the former and don’t have the heart to rip off any possible long-since scarred-over scabs by asking of the latter, I can only speculate. If I wasn’t aborted—clearly I wasn’t-- do I have siblings-interrupted who were? Growing

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