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Manchester in July or Memere’s Song In The Round

Manchester in July or  Memere’s Song In The Round   Rushing against a still sunset,             Along the Bridge d’Notre Dame,                                      Frère Jacques A west wind of my own making, On an otherwise still afternoon. The sun urges, head-on:             The coursing Merrimack             Smacks concrete pilings,              Smoothing crags,             Underfoot: Sediments Leak from Winnipesaukee,                         Emptying to the Gulf of Maine.             Sightlining phantasms                         From Amoskeag Mills:                         Master plans, river-bent.   Caught by a quick duskshower, A small-dropped mister. Long enough to soak, Dormez-vous Light enough to cover, Right enough to wash:             Northwest to Southeast,             From Montreal to America,                            Refilled streams             Along the way to safe harbors: Manchester in July:                         Queen City promises.             Consorting with pre

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