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Deconstructing Patriarchy’s Parades

  Deconstructing Patriarchy’s Parades   Every everything,             Everything always is. On poetry’s phallus,             Phalluses on parade, Everything. Phalluses.   Not for nothing,             Nothing ever is, really, On history’s bosom,             Bosoms on parade, Not nothing. Not bosoms.   Tits. Cocks.    Between nuances,             Nuance sometimes is, On science’s parade, Intersects. Extrasex.   Titsy. Cocksy.   Greater than parts. Greater than sums. Better than some:             Better than most.             Better than great:                          Again in our grey.             On display.   Tittily. Cockily.   Assembling stories,             Stories can be, On essayists’ parades, New constructs. Constructed.   Tittiful. Cockiful. Wonderful.  Beautiful. Technicolor.             Blind. Stereo.              Deaf. Synesthetic. Immersed. Alive.             Feeling the way through. Perfect.         

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