Find the Kitty 


There she is, I see her luminous eyes

            Piercing the darkness,

            With a coy playfulness, 

            Those lovely, haunting

            Orbs, laser-focused just

            Above my head:

                        I know you’re watching me,

                        I love the attention,

                        Don’t look away.


There she is, I see her elegant pose,

            Regal and stately,

            Black on black camo,

            On rugs, in shadows, 

            Graceful silhouettes,         

            Each chair a throne:

                        This bell is my scepter.

                        This box is my castle.

                        Your heart, my realm.


There she is, our long serving matriarch, 

            Twenty years old, at least,

            Ninety six, at least,

            Our splendid grand dame, 

            The ruler of our home,

            Deigning her grace:

                        You may pet me here now,

                        Right there, between my ears;

                        Under my chin.                   


There she is, I see her:

            In that corner,

            Under that table,

            On that rug,

                        Curled, comma-like

                        Striking a hard pause:

                        An earnest contemplation,

            On the fourth step,

            On the roof,

            Among the impatiens,

                        Our recalcitrant annual,

                        Black ears and moist black nose

                        Blooming again each season,

            By that door,

            On the bed,

            In the window,

                        Looking for Gus, longing for Gus,

                        Watching Booker chase lizards

                        Bridging the Gus to Booker gap.

            Seeing me see her,

                        Being seen.


Where is she, our, “sweet, beautiful baby?”  

            Where’s our kitty to be found?

            Bridging her own gap,

            Teaching us patience,

            Demanding grace, not tears,

            Each purr a gift:

                        I will always be here,

                        Your kitty for finding,

                        Your kitty found:


There she is.

Here she is.

I’ve found her:

                        Here more than ever


Here with you.


                        Look here.













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