What I’ve Learned

What I’ve Learned

We may not agree on everything,
Politics or economics or
Even what seems common sense
To each of us.
We may not like all the same things,
Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair,
Redskins versus Dolphins:
Stand versus kneel.

I don’t love boobies,
They intrigue me,
He doesn’t like booties,
At least not guys’.

We may not use the same lenses,
Nearsighted or farsighted or
Cataracted or bifocaled:
Rainbowed Ray-Bans.
We may not have been treated
The same by the system,
Or by genetics—ironically:
Or by our lovers.

We may not have come of age
In the same kind of world,
His a little less dense
Than mine has been.

But there are some things I’ve learned,
Some things we agree on
Or don’t disagree

Dad jokes are
The best jokes,
Master a couple,
Repeat often.
Know your truth.
Couple up with
A partner who’s
Better than you.
Keep family close.
Be a good son,
Be a good brother,
Be a good nephew.
And, above all,
   Along the way
   If nothing else:
Be a nice boy.


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